Deadly Dozen Reloaded

Deadly Dozen Reloaded is a complete remake of the original. Made in a new engine with upgraded maps, graphics and missions, Reloaded takes this classic franchise and brings it to modern audiences with a bang.

The Deadly Dozen are an elite force of clandestine soldiers, sent into battle when the job needs to be done quickly and at all costs. They are wild, unruly, military misfits, perfect for the most dangerous missions of World War II. Traverse mine-filled landscapes, enemy bases, and tank guarded borders with your pick from Snipers, Demolition Experts, Medics, and more. Switch between your chosen squad to sweep the enemy landscape and best utilize their...talents.

Sneak your way across 10 different maps populated with more enemies, more buildings, and more objects for you to blow sky high. Challenge yourself to replay levels with a different crew or weapon loadout to secure those shiny new completion trophies. Upgraded graphics, textures, and weather effects bring you right into the action in this modern remake of a WWII classic.

Choose your’s time to MOVE OUT!

Massive graphical overhaul for every asset, texture, and level in the game
Upgraded controls to support modern FPS players on all platforms
Drivable WII military vehicles will get you out of the enemy’s lair FAST
Each expansive map is filled with enemies, cars, buildings, mines and more for a fuller experience

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