Zero Tolerance

Kill or Be Killed

If this 3D game doesn't get your adrenaline pumping, nothing will.

Zero Tolerance has you killing alien terrorists who want to annihilate your defense colony.

But don't worry, you have an arsenal of weapons to hunt them down through a maze of passageways, hidden doors, and gunfire.

Zero Tolerance is a heart-pounding, non-stop action as you take out the bad guys with grenades, shot guns, bazookas and laser guns.

And its all in a Pixel Perfect 3D, 360 Degree perspective.

Zero Tolerance - you don't just play it, you survive it.

Enjoy extra features like TV effect filter, Save states, and Turbo mode!

Zero Tolerance Created by Randel Reiss, Copyright Piko Interactive LLC. Powered by Mednafen used under GPL

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